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Checkout This Difference in Cold brew Latte:

Brian: [00:00:00] Hey everyone I’m Brian with the Aromacup. Thanks as always for joining me and my virtual coffee shop brought to you by Aroma Cup dotcom.

Brian: [00:00:07] Today’s video I’m going to show you the difference between a cappuccino and a latte a little versus if you will i am going to show you how we make both of these beverages real quick and easy using a single espresso machine from this presso and i got a cappuccino right here and my latte right here and i am going to show you the difference between both of them. Let’s dive right in and show you how these are made.

Brian: [00:00:25] OK. So the recipe for a cappuccino is about one third espresso one third milk and one third foam. And usually with an emphasis on the foam with a latte we’re looking at about one third espresso and the rest being mostly milk and a little bit of foam. So we’re going to do is they’re going to first froth up our milk.

Brian: [00:00:46] I have some hot milk right here in my pitcher and I’m going to give myself just a little bit to work with for my cappuccino and we’re going to give myself more milk to work with for my latte. I’m going to make some foam with each of these. But again I’m going to get a whole lot more with my cappuccino because I want a little more foam for that recipe so let’s go ahead and froth these up. All right and there we go. That’s our froth milk and it’s ready for both of our beverages. Now we’re going to make the espresso shots for both of these are just going to use normal espresso shots coming from the Nespresso you right here and we’ll brew both of those shots. All right. And there’s our shots of espresso for both of these beverages and now we’re going to go ahead and mix them up. OK so I’m going to make my cappuccino first. I’m going to go ahead and just hold back my phone point a little bit of my milk and now I’m going to add primarily foam to my cappuccino.

Brian: [00:02:03] You can vary this of course based on how much foam you like to have in your beverage but that right there pretty darn good cappuccino is really easy to make. Let’s make her a latte. And we’re going to use my milk for my latte and now I’m going to add a lot more milk. Firstly.

Brian: [00:02:21] And now we’re just going to put a little bit of foam on top of that. Again you can vary this based on how much you like.

Brian: [00:02:32] The right there is my latte so you can see the difference pretty immediately between the two.

Brian: [00:02:37] It’s definitely distinct for layering going on between both. But I have a lot more milk here my cafe latte than I do on my cappuccino and I have a lot of foam going on on that cappuccino a little bit less on the latte.

Brian: [00:02:48] I like to vary the recipe based on just sort of how I’m feeling for what I want to drink during the day. There you go guys right there. That’s the difference between a cappuccino and a cafe latte.


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