April 14

Contemplation Over Morning Coffee and Going Green

© Daria Filiminova - Fotolia.comWhen you sip your first cup of coffee in the morning, it gives you an uplifting feeling of pleasure and relief. A new day is starting and a great cup of coffee makes you feel ready for it. When you are going green, there are many considerations that go into choosing your coffee and brewing that captivating cup of goodness.

Our first environmental concern is about the coffee itself. We purchase organic coffees and java produced in a sustainable way. We want to support the small international businesses that harvest and roast these beans to perfection. Fair trade coffee has become the mantra for people who want to go green.

Once we select an environmentally-friendly coffee brand, it has to go into the right kind of cup. We know those disposable foam cups are a poor choice that wind up lingering in our landfills. We invest in ceramic mugs and portable cups that can be washed and reused.

Now that we have our green coffee and cup, we also decide which type of sweeteners and creamers to use. They might be flavored or plain, depending on our preference. We can be conscientious by using organic milk and natural sweeteners such as sugar or stevia.

There is still more contemplation that goes into brewing that morning cup of coffee. How are you making the morning coffee? Does your current system use the least amount of energy? Some people choose a single serving coffee maker so they do not brew more than they need.

The best way to ensure you are using the least energy to brew your morning Joe is to schedule an energy audit of your home. An energy audit finds the areas where you could be wasting energy and gives you easy ways to resolve the problems. Then you can truly appreciate your morning coffee without guilt.

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April 7

Coffee and Its Captivating Charms

© hiphoto39 - Fotolia.comPeople of all ages and backgrounds have an enthusiasm for drinking coffee. Hot or cold, bitter or sweet, coffee definitely appeals to many palates. Consider the world of coffees and all their captivating charms.

Coffee 101

It’s all about the beans when it comes to coffee. The beverage is brewed from baked or roasted seeds from the evergreen bush Coffea. Coffees can be robust or milder. Often the packages indicate if they are light, medium or dark coffees to make it easier for you to choose your favorite type.

Coffee Around the World

There are coffees produced around the world and consumed by enthusiasts around the globe. For twelve countries, coffee is the major agricultural product. Their economy also depends on the production and consumption of coffee. Clearly it is a valued commodity in the United States.

Coffee Your Way

No matter how you serve it, coffee is a delicious beverage. People serve it black with nothing else. There are those who like sugar and others like sweeteners such as stevia. Then people can add milk, low-fat milk or half and half. Others include flavored creamers such as French vanilla or hazelnut. They even make sugar-free and fat free creamers.

Coffee To Stay or Go

Some people kick back in a chair to read the morning newspaper or Internet news site while they sip a cup of Joe. Others take it in a portable mug to furtively sip while they drive or grab public transportation to work. Coffee is great in the morning, with lunch or during dessert after dinner – whether you choose to stay or go.

Coffee Cocktails

Adults even mix coffee with liquor to create hot and cold cocktails. Often hot coffee with flavored liquors such as almond or Irish cream are served to complement certain decadent dessert offerings.

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